Consultancy & Collaborative Opportunities

Organizational Developmen

You are in good hands with the Jogiagroup. With an established skills base and industry experience in several areas including  Organizational Development  (business strategy, brand design and marketing). We focus on planned, systematic change in the values or operations of employees to create culture change and overall growth in a  organization.

For Research Consultancy visit the Jogia Group Research Consultancy page.

 Leadership Development 

Leadership Development and training to enhance the leadership abilities if any member of an organization. Dr Jogia provides executive coaching using a "Brain and behavior approach" which is a cognitive-behavioral approach that can be used in executive coaching engagements. Using this approach, we can enhance your leadership skills, identify your strengths, and pursue self-mastery.

Corporate Wellness Training 

First Aid Mental Health is an international evidence-based training that is similar to physical first-aid training but for mental health. Dr Jogia is a certified Mental health first aider and can show through a 1 day workshop how to help someone developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis.

 Dr Jogia is a certified Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) trainer and offers introductory one day workshops and 8 week MBSR course.  Our aim will be to increase awareness (acknowledging stressors) so that you can learn to live and work more fully, responding to situations with choice rather than reacting automatically.  

Workshops on Stress Management and Positive Psychology in the workplace with Dr Jogia will transform your organisation. Implementing stress management techniques and positive psychology means creating an environment that is relatively enjoyable and productive. In these workshops together we will understand your stress better and give you tools and techniques for effective management, we will develop key interpersonal skills to help you create an enjoyable and productive work environment. 

Industry Projects

Dr. Jogia has industry experience working with a range of clients in private equity, finance, healthcare publishing and education.  Workshops and training programmes have been developed and delivered focusing on Positive psychology, Mental health and neuroimaging and Organizational psychology, Innovation R&D Best practice.  

He has worked with the Executive Council in Dubai, Fazza, Myriad Dubai, National Ambulance Service UAE, Fazza, NHS England Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust and various mental health charity organisations; Medical professionals and SEN guidance counsellors (from the MENA region); Think Science UAE, for student groups at Zayed university, American University in Dubai, Middlesex University Dubai and Harvard Colleges in Asia program.

He is also an expert in Digital marketing technology, providing a bespoke blend of psychology, neuroscience and marketing. In particular, he combines cognitive psychology and neuroscience to develop marketing content with direct impact caused by brain and behavior relationships, performance marketing and behavioral targeting, customer relationship management (CRM) social media management and listening and search engine optimization (SEO), branding and creative and data analytics

Dr Jogia was a Technical Editor for a European Commission funded research project called eCME which aims to deploy Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) in order to develop an advanced, multi-lingual e-learning platform through which Continuing Medical Education. In addition, he has developed and delivered. 

Dr Jogia was a content developer for the Al Mubaraka Foundation Log in teenagers project in the UAE. Dr Jogia worked as a associate interviewer to on the evaluation of the Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund in collaboration with the Community Development Foundation.  He recently represented the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation at the G20 C20 Indonesia's Education, Digitalization, & Civic Space Working Group Global Webinar: Access to Universal, Inclusive and Safe Quality Education and the C20 India's Samajshala working group for SEWA - Sense of Service, Philanthropy and Volunteerism.  

Research Consultancy 

Expertise and experience working with neurodevelopmental and psychiatric/neurological disorders including dyslexia, affective disorders (bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder), Schizophrenia, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury, and ischemic/hemorrhagic stroke. currently working with Al Jalila Children's hospital Dubai, UAE on Neurodiversity projects. 

If you are interested in our consultancy services, learning techniques used in our research, or want to inquire about potential industry, academic or research collaborations, please contact us.