Consultancy & Collaborative Opportunities

With an established skills base in several areas including marketing psychology, digital marketing, neuromarketing, cognitive neuroscience, genetics, neuroimaging, neuropsychopharmacology and neuropsychological/cognitive assessment. Expertise and experience working with neurodevelopmental and psychiatric/neurological disorders including dyslexia, affective disorders (bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury, and ischemic/hemorrhagic stroke.

Dr. Jogia has industry experience as a psychological marketing executive working with a range of clients in private equity, finance, healthcare publishing and education. He is an expert in Digital marketing technology, providing a bespoke blend of psychology, neuroscience and marketing. In particular, he combines cognitive psychology and neuroscience to develop marketing content with direct impact caused by brain and behavior relationships, performance marketing and behavioral targeting, customer relationship management (CRM) social media management and listening and search engine optimization (SEO), branding and creative and data analytics. He was a Technical Editor for a European Commission funded research project called eCME which aims to deploy Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) in order to develop an advanced, multi-lingual e-learning platform through which Continuing Medical Education. In addition, he has developed and delivered Workshops for NHS England Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust on neuroimaging and mental health; for Academic and business clients workshops on Positive Psychology and Productivity, Positive Psychology and Stress management, Innovation R&D Best practices. Workshops also delivered to industry experts on positive psychology and productivity, to student groups including the Harvard Colleges in Asian program on positive psychology and stress management to counselors from the MENA region on Counseling and guiding SEN students.

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